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A month ago I got the permission in my college to do all the posters and band tees and logos, good for my portfolio. So far there are two bands that I am designing for; Half Way Heroes and Parallel Damage. Both from Fareham college's Music course.

On monday a band called After This Death, America CA, asked me to do a logo for them and I also decided to do a T-shirt design too, as I like the band myself. As a trade they are giving me Tees and EP Albums with my design on for free! Also they said I can put my name on the designs too which again would be good for publicity and get my name going around in America.

and on tuesday a band called Hope Remains Lost, Bristol UK, asked me to do few T-shirt designs for them with serious money and contract involved!

So for the past month I have been busy drawing designs, but never got around Illustrating them as much. So really, I need to get my ass moving.

Check out the bands on MY SPACE not sure if the college bands have a site too. But do check out ATD and HRL.

x pepper x
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hi im Pepper.
i have made Harlequin Covers in order to make CD covers, posters, T-shirt designs and anything else for unsigned bands.

it has been my dream for a while now to design these things for bands that really want to make it in the list of rock'n'roll. i know that you can't get famous by one poster design but i think it's a good advertisement and if the design is interesting the more chances there are for people to see and read it.

this is also something that i want to carry on with hopefully in the future. so if you want something let me know!


if you want to see more check out…;

enjoy :)

x pepper x


CD cover- 10 pounds [UK]
posters- 5 pounds [UK]
T-shit- 12 pounds [UK]
Logo- 5 pounds [UK]

*these prices may change as time goes by*